With Cerway, the new international operator for HQE™ certification

Improve the expertise and interpersonal skills of stakeholders

With Cerway, the new international operator for HQE™ certification

Give sense to progress

With Cerway, the new international operator for HQE™ certification

Contribute to a better quality of life

Our vocation

Cerway is in charge of the whole range of HQE™ programmes

and certification on an international level

It works in three main areas:
The training of professionals, either the ones directly involved in HQE™ projects

or else HQE™ "Référents" who support and guide them.
The accreditation of HQE™ professionals (HQE™ "Référents").
The deliverance of HQE™ certification.

Cerway has defined specific goals for optimising quality in:
Managing the projects or contributing,
Improving people's life,

Protecting the environment.

Our values

Cerway, give sense to projects

Cerway places progress at the heart of its culture and goals, thereby giving sense and value both to projects and people.




Our actions

What kind of projects?
Who for?
With who ?


Our founders

Cerway was created in september 2013 by the two leading names in HQE™ certification in France, Certivéa for

non-residential buildings and urban development, and CERQUAL for housing.

Our partners





A platform for sustainable construction and planning formed in 1996, the HQE Association is the creator and owner of the HQE™ trademark.

A recognised public service organisation (“ARUP”) since 2004, the HQE™ Association brings stakeholders together to:
anticipate and initiate discussions,
contribute to the development of excellence in local planning and industry practice,
voice and defend stakeholders' general interests locally and internationally.

Within a continuous improvement mindset, the association places its widely recognised know-how and expertise at the disposal of the construction industry and users to promote sustainable construction and planning.


France GBC (Green Building Council) was created in 2010 by the main players in France’s sustainable construction and property sectors.


Its role is to:

Develop sustainable construction and planning within a dynamic that unites the public and private sectors.

Represent France and its know-how (including HQETM) abroad.

Help improve the services offered by French businesses.


France GBC is a member of the World GBC.